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What is ArtDL?

ArtDL is a novel painting data set for iconography classification composed of images collected from online sources. Most of the paintings are from the Renaissance period and depict scenes or characters of Christian art. The data set is annotated with classes representing specific characters belonging to the Iconclass classification system.


Images were collected from 10 online museums and open data collections


The data set is composed of 42,479 paintings images


19 classes annotated from the Iconclass classification system

Use the data set!

The annotation process was performed semi-automatically, so incorrect or missing labels may exist. If you think an annotation contains an error, email us the image id and your correction. We will not hesitate to fix it.

Data set

You can obtain the data set along with its annotations from HERE

Architecture and model

The architecture and the trained model are available HERE


Please note that this data set is available for academic research purposes only. The copyright of each image belongs to the original owners. If any image belongs to you and you would like removed, please inform us, and we will remove it from our dataset immediately.

Cite the paper!

If you are using this data set for your research, please cite the corresponding paper with the BibTeX entry provided below.

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